Find Your Dream Home – Best Flats for Sale in Kondapur

Kondapur, one of the busiest and one of the most demanding places to live in Hyderabad. Kondapur is conveniently located such that you can get anywhere you need in just a couple of minutes of drive. It can be work, entertainment or just to pass some time, everything is available in and around Kondapur which makes it one of the most sought out places to own a home. This is why it has become difficult to find flats for sale in Kondapur.


Lansum Eden Gardens is a luxury gated community located in Kondapur currently having flats for sale that provide everything you need to have a wonderful experience of living within a walking distance of a couple of minutes.  With spacious 3BHK flats, the best of amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, sports facilities, playgrounds, and the greenery and nature surrounding your home provides you with the perfect balance you need in your life.


 Eden gardens offer the luxury to unwind and relax without ever needing to leave your comfort zone. The amenities provided also enable you to find like-minded people and develop lasting friendships. With Lansum Eden Gardens, you can find the best flats for sale in Kondapur.


Spacious Homes


The homes in Lansum Eden Gardens are tailor-made 3BHK homes ranging from 1765-2160 sq. ft for your needs and do not compromise when it comes to comfort. These spacious homes will enable you to have that extra furniture you always wanted, have a nice and comfortable place for your pet, have the required privacy to work from home, or just sit on the balcony enjoying the nature around you. Intercom facilities are also provided to all the flats which connect to the security and neighborhood.


Awesome Amenities


Who doesn’t want to live in the middle of the greenery nature has to offer? But due to the fast-paced, busy, and urban lifestyle, it is not always possible to do so.  Lansum Eden Gardens doesn’t only offer the best of amenities for its residents and has a beautiful touch of nature to it.


With the Amenities provided here, you can find the true balance between work and life. You can break a sweat in the massive 17000 sq. ft. clubhouse with facilities for indoor games like Billiards, Carrom, Table Tennis, Shuttle Courts, Gym. relax and unwind in Spa, Multi-purpose room for yoga, meditation, aerobics, etc. Have a peaceful swim in the Swimming Pool, all the while having access to external Wi-Fi.


With the whole world adapting to the new normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lansum Eden Gardens has acknowledged this and made sure that you have everything to adjust to the new normal. The co-working space and round-the-clock WiFi accessible to all of its residents to make it easy and smooth work from home experience for you. 


But we can not enjoy everything Eden Gardens has to offer if there is no privacy from outsiders, Round-the-clock security with cameras and an intercom facility ensures that you have a peaceful environment and ensures that you have nothing to worry about. 

Prime Location


Getting stuck in traffic is the most infuriating thing that can happen to you after you have a hectic day at work. By owning an apartment at Lansum Eden Gardens you can reach home within minutes because it’s well-connected to all the major commercial hubs of the city like Cyber Towers, Financial District, MindSpace, etc. You can get home early and spend some quality time with family and friends, or you can even spend some time alone, relaxing and rejuvenating in the complex itself. So, go ahead and look forward to driving back home. 


Lansum Eden Gardens is also the best residential complex for all the shopaholics out there, major Shopping malls like IKEA, Inorbit Mall, Sarath City Mall, are just a 10-15 minutes drive away, so you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule just to find the right place to shop. By developing a residential complex in one of the most demanding residential localities in Hyderabad, Lansum Eden Gardens has assured us that they have the best flats for sale in Kondapur.


Feel at ease knowing that some of the best schools in Hyderabad are just around 15 minutes drive away from Eden Gardens. It is easy for you to drop your kids off in a school where they can get the best education and be stress-free because your kids will reach school on time beating the traffic every day. 




Whether you have a busy and pretty hectic lifestyle or just want to enjoy life, you have everything you need to suit your lifestyle better and maintain balance in your life. Lansum Eden Gardens has simply made the job of house hunting way easier by offering the best flats for sale in Kondapur. Spending time with your family and friends has never been easier and more comforting than spending it in a spacious home and playful and green surroundings. To book a flat at Lansum Eden Gardens or to learn more, visit here.

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