What is a Biophilic Design Podium?

To emphasize the natural elements, the biophilic design concept is curated. So what is Biophilic design? Biophilia is defined as the inherent affinity of human beings to other living systems in their environment as a beneficial factor in life. Besides the designs, allow us to briefly explain what the biophilic design concept is. For example, you can look at the walkthrough of El Dorado. 

The biophilic design was originally introduced by the biologist, E.O. Wilson, in 1984 and has since been defined as a set of physical phenomena that lead people to feel attracted to natural environments. Biophilic design refers to the design which interacts with the life systems on earth.

What is a Biophilic Design Podium?

Biophilic design is an idea that has gained popularity in the last few decades which states that humans require the presence of nature to be happy, healthy and well functioning. Humans are hard-wired to love nature; therefore, it can be used as a tool to improve our quality of life. According to professors Stephen Kellert and Dawn Ames at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, biophilic design is “the practice of creating or modifying places so that they are more harmonious with nature.” This design concept may seem foreign or even bizarre at first glance, but when you begin exploring it in-depth you will find that it becomes more relevant than ever before.

Biophilic design is an approach to designing that makes use of natural elements, such as plants, textures, scents and sounds. The goal of biomimicry is to create a space or object that uses nature as its source of inspiration. A biophilic design podium could be a great addition to an open office or workspace because it provides a setting for employees to work in that allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable. By incorporating elements of nature in the workplace the intent is for the individual to help stimulate the brain and produce positive results throughout their body.

A podium, in the architectural sense, is a raised platform. It is most often used to provide a location or a setting for one or more people (or some combination of people and an object) to speak or perform during an event. Podiums are also used to raise certain structures including grandstands and pulpits. A biophilic design podium brings in the concept of Biophilia.



Biophilic design podium is, in simple terms, designing a space that reminds us and connects us closer to nature. We engage our senses when we look at a tree or feel the warmth of the sun. When engaging in studies scientists found that people react positively to the aesthetics of nature. They experienced increased neurological activity, lower blood pressure and a decrease in levels of stress hormones.

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