Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Upcoming Real Estate Projects

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles all over the world and the pressing concern about climate change and global warming, it has become crucial to shift to more efficient and less polluting modes of transport. The Indian automobile market is also seeing a growth in electric vehicles and due to the shortage of electric vehicle charging spots, Indians are holding back on buying electric vehicles. Keeping this issue in mind, many builders of various gated communities and housing projects in India have started offering electric vehicle charging spots in their communities and projects. This will be a great starting point for Indians to shift to more renewable resources and reduce their carbon footprint.


The need for electric vehicles is increasing now more than ever, not just because of the concern for climate change but also because petrol prices have been skyrocketing in recent times. The switch to electric vehicles can have numerous benefits including renewable energy usage, zero pollution, environment-friendly and more accessible and affordable fuel (electricity). By observing the shift in the automobile industry, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs released a directive to install parking spaces for electric vehicles with dedicated charging spots for both residential and commercial spaces. 


In a bid to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, the Telangana government introduced a policy 33 51that promotes the usage of electric vehicles called Telangana Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy, 2020-2030. Since the government is showing an active interest in installing charging stations for electric vehicles, various gated communities like Lansum El Dorado have also started installing electric vehicle charging stations within the community at a minimal price per unit. 


The housing societies will have to take stock of their current parking layout and provision for their residents. They’ll have to make extra room for electric vehicles or review the parking situation to include electric vehicles. Housing societies should make arrangements for infrastructure to make room for electric vehicles and be well equipped to bear the additional power load to charge electric vehicles. Residents who have electric vehicles in their possession should also have a domestic meter. The charging mode of the electric vehicles is a single charging gun at the electric vehicle charging stations. 


Installing charging stations in gated communities like Lansum El Dorado will encourage more people to go for electric vehicles and be very beneficial for the environment and cost next to nothing in the long run. Lansum El Dorado is a premium luxury gated community that offers world-class amenities and luxury living for all its residents. It is equipped with a swimming pool, badminton court, a clubhouse, a multipurpose hall and a lawn to host parties and have a good time, a spa inside the community, a gaming room, a fully equipped gym and many more facilities that make your living experience unique and relaxing. To know more about Lansum El Dorado, visit here.

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